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Saint Martin enjoys a tropical maritime climate. The anticyclone from the Azores sends an easterly wind system known as the trade winds to the island. The temperature of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean is approximately 27° and rises to 28°or 29°in the summer. The air temperature is 27° on average and can rise to 32°C.
There are two seasons with two definitive transitional periods; first, a dry season called “Carême” from December to May, when the anticyclone from the Azores shifts to the south, so that the air is drier and showers are rare. The temperature is pleasant and the trade winds generally prevail.
And second, a more humid season called the rainy season, from July to October, with periods of frequent and intense rainfall. The tropical depression and cyclone season starts in July. Cyclones can form in the Atlantic. These extremely violent systems mostly concern islands in the northern Caribbean sector. As Saint Martin is situated in the north it is more exposed to these storms than the islands in the centre or south of the Caribbean. The sun rises around 5.00 am in the summer and 6.00 am in the winter and sets at 5.30 pm and 6.30 pm respectively.


French and Dutch are the official languages. However, English is the mother tongue of the Saint Martinois people and is used widely on both sides of the island… as well as Creole, Papiamento and Spanish. There are more than 100 nationalities in Saint Martin to date whence it derived its well-merited nickname “ The Friendly Island”.


Calling Saint Martin from France: a 10-digit number that starts with 0590 for a fixed line and 0690 for a mobile line.
Calling the Dutch side from the French side: + 00 1721 + the number. 
Calling Saint Martin from abroad: (+) 59 and a 10-digit number starting with 0590 for a fixed line and 0690 a mobile line.


Many cybercafés offer Internet access. The main internet and 3G providers are:…
Present in Saint Martin, Sint Maarten: ADSL, local loop radio (caribserve, domaccess), WIMAX ( Caribserve) 3G, 3G+ Many marinas and shipyards offer wifi access for a fee.

Caribserve - UTS

Présent à St.Martin St.Maarten : ADSL, boucle locale radio (caribserve, domaccess), WIMAX (caribserve), 3G, 3G+
Plusieurs marinas ou chantiers fournissent des accès internet wifi payants.

Electricity and Water

French side: 220 Volts, 60 Hz Dutch side: 110 Volts, 50 Hz
EDF: Concordia: +59 0590 87 5030
Water: Water is scarce in Saint Martin. It is obtained from desalinized sea water. Générale des Eaux: Concordia: +59 0590 87 9702

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