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Fête de la Mer 2017

S.N.S.M - sea rescue

 Sea  Rescue: the SNSM is here!auvetage en mer : la SNSM est là !S.N.S.M Marigot Sea Front

February 6th, 2006, the Saint Martin station for the National Sea Rescue Society (SNSM) received a new lifeboat, called " Notre-Dame de la Garoupe" the patron saint of fishermen.
SNSM comprises a crew of 34 volunteers including four women, and 180 members. Founded in Saint-Martin in 2001 by Jean-Pierre Papeix, the SNSM, in addition to running training courses for the BNSSA diploma, first aid courses, and a technical module for personal survival, focuses mainly on sea rescue and carries out an average of 60 rescues per year.

  • President :  Mr Fisher.
  • Canot Captain : Mr Van Rymenant.S.N.S.M. boat