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Sea Dolphin

Baie Nettlé - Hotel Flamboyant
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Sea Dolphin dive center is born in June 1995 from the work of Thierry Girard and the Flamboyant hotel who was looking at that time to expand his services to customers.
Since that time we do offer a full service to all divers coming from all over the world.
In fact, representing CMAS (international confederation of underwater activities) and PADI (professional association of divers instructors), we cover all the underwater activities, from free diving (snorkeling) to scuba diving, we are trained and known in order to offer the best only with customers respect and rules of security.

Since 1995 we are one of the oldest dive center of the island which didn’t have too many chance in his structure and who offer the same serious services at prices always kept reasonable.
The divers, from beginners to confirmed like to be welcomed by the same person available all year long, in the very pleasant atmosphere of the Flamboyant hotel, by the largest and nicest beach of the nettle bay lagoon.
An average of two dives per day during season, depending of customers disponibility in order for them not to scarify their passion at their family.
Each dive last around two hours and we try to have each diver to do different dive depending, of course, of weather conditions.
In a confortable cabin cruiser, the boat doesn’t take more than 10 people and we try to do our best to respond to all customers’ needs which became very soon friends.
As we are used to say, we are ourselves customers too and like to be treated the same way Saint-Martin will do the rest. No more need to present this little paradise for the people who will know how to limit their choices to keep only the best, the best part being next, on top or underwater.
The climate is one of a tropical island and in the evening, after a good aquatic day, plenty other places will welcome you to end up your day the best way Some sun and salt all over your eyes.

Thierry Girard, owner and instructor of Sea Dolphin dive center for eighteen years and more to come..

Sea Dolphin
Baie Nettle Hotel Flamboyant
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Sea Dolphin