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Metimer History

The association was founded in 2000 on the initiative of the Inter-professional Federation of Saint Martin (FISM) with Yves Andrillon, from the dive club Scubafun, as the first president.
It had 4 members, who were all divers.
Then Wilma Gulay took over and attracted members from Promer to join this more extensive association, which became more active on the ground. After he returned to France, Yves Kinard succeeded him in 2002, with a very dynamic team.
Thanks to all the efforts on the ground, the association enjoyed great success and gained prestige with over 45 active members.
In time, with the help of all its members and volunteers, the first Sailing Festival was organized, on the same dates as the festival in France, organized by F.I.N in 2003, and was a huge success.
Having succeeded in its objectives, it attracted a large audience and contributed greatly to making the authorities and the population more aware of the importance of the sea in the local economy.
The festival was organized again in 2004 and 2005 with equal success.
Last year the association widened its horizons again with the first Caribbean 2nd hand boat show CUBS, which attracted buyers from both the Caribbean and America. On this occasion several fine boats were sold.
In 2006, Bulent Gulay was elected president and consolidated METIMER’S position.
The association has become an indispensable go-between when it comes to boating in Saint Martin.
The current president, who is still Bulent Gulay, was appointed to the CESC and to the Tourist Office and various other committees including L'Observatoire de la Réserve Naturelle.
The association created a boating guide called Turquoise in 2006, which is distributed on the island and also at all the shows where the Saint Martin Tourism Office is present.
The association participates in the boat shows at La Rochelle, le Grand Pavois and the Salon Nautique de Paris.
In 2008 and 2009, it also organized a Nautical Press week and received journalists on board various boats to explore the archipelago along the coast.
This event promoted the boating industry in Saint Martin thanks to many articles that were published in Europe and the United States.
The association continues its promotion to young students at the lycée by organizing a school outing to Tintamarre every year, to learn about the Nature Reserve, the sea and sailing, of which locals are often unaware.
It also sponsored a comprehensive technical training course in partnership with F.I.N. introducing young people to various maritime professions.
Through the creation of working committees, METIMER works more efficiently and is more present in the economic and political life in Saint Martin.